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2023 will be the year you feel calm and confident in your business with a...

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One on One Strategy Sessions

A Business Lady on Call gives you that extra support to do more than just tread water.
With this package of FOUR sessions, you can schedule your calls quarterly to check in on SEO and digital strategy, more frequently to work through a specific problem that has you stuck, or keep them in the back pocket for support during unexpected challenges!

Get Unstuck.

1:1 Strategy Sessions
I have been using Halley’s services for years. She is a plethora of information. She has been my mentor throughout the many stages of my business and it’s growth.

Helen Al-Jureidini

Owner, Luna Atelier Skin
Halley is on a short list of people that I call for honest and well thought out professional advice, especially when it comes to messaging and communication.

Jeannine Beck

Executive Director, Mid County Chamber of Commerce
[Halley] is always willing to help others along with their individual journeys, providing words of encouragement and sound technical and strategic advice.

Julia Taylor

CEO, GeekPack®

You don't have to be good at 'Business' to do well in your business.

Partner with a Business Lady.

Halley Moore, Business Lady is the leader behind Calliope Insights, a boutique consulting business in St. Louis, MO. I help clients from all over get more out of their businesses with confidence and authenticity.

I help you level up.

Strategy | Project Management | Design
You started a business because you are GREAT at what you do, but you keep getting stuck navigating everything else!
You have no idea what your next move should be and need a PLAN.
You feel like you are always REACTING and not ACTING.

Lock in your four strategy sessions now and breathe easy going into 2023!

Want to go further? You need a map.

At Calliope Insights, we build strategic, custom solutions to give you the confidence, the direction, and the insights to make your business work for you.
By working with Halley, you can take the guesswork out of your next steps:
Communicate your skills and passion through a clear mission.
Create a path to connect with your ideal clients.
Identify your challenges and highlight your strengths to solve any problem. 

The Roadmap

Strategy | Branding | Design
You want to know where to go, how to get there, and how to tell you've succeeded.
Interested in the clarity and freedom a Business Roadmap can bring? Let's chat.
Brand Identity
A good strategy comes from a good foundation. We will create or clarify your branding with a custom color palette, mission and vision statements, your unique value proposition, and your brand pillars. 
Make sure you are telling the story you want to tell and that everything you do communicates your value! 
Clear Objectives & Milestones
You want your business to succeed, but figuring out what to do to make that happen isn't always so simple. We develop clear goals for your business that are in line with your mission, a method to track your progress towards those goals, and specific milestones to mark when you reach them. 
A Path Forward
How does all this come together? We lay out the sitemap and the features of a website that will be the backbone of your business. We give you tangible steps to follow the strategy and anchor points to stay confident in growing with your business.
Guidance & Implementation
Need some help past the planning and design stage? There is so much more we can do together. We can build your website, design your logo, create social media design assets, and stick around to help you stay on track. Already have a relationship with someone to build your website? We can take it all off your plate by managing the project to make sure your vision and goals are communicated.

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