Meet Halley...

My work history has spanned the theater, fine dining restaurants, dive bars, massage therapy, food photography, and even a brief stint training to run away and join the circus.
As a serial entrepreneur with a business degree, my experience covers both the academic and the practical. I have consulted for therapists, teachers, non-profits, event producers, magazines, artists, and many other small businesses to educate, hone branding, and bring their projects to life.
As a writer, a diverse writing background and experience in hospitality have made me adept at matching a variety of style guides and creating content that feels authentic to each client’s voice. 
My experience working with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Java, WordPress, Adobe, and SEO (along with a few other tricks I've picked up along the way) ensures you end up with a responsive, functional, unique web presence. Throw in a dash of sheer stubborness and you have a driven, organized, and a creative problem solver, who thrives on tight deadlines and will always prioritize your vision, on your side.


Podcast Episode: Trauma Informed Care. Radio Physio Nepal, May 2022.

Email(314) 391-8652
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